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Beyond Survivor - Rising from the ashes of childhood sexual abuse

Why "Beyond Survivor" ?

I have survived much in the last four decades. From abuse in all forms, ill health, living on the streets, to business bankruptcy and personal financial ruin. I have found my way through and out of all these. In the process I found my voice!

Due to the way society views abuse very few men feel able to speak about what happened to them and many live a life in the shadows of the abuse they endured. I hope to be able to make these men see that they can speak out and seek help. There is life after abuse. Being a survivor is one heck of an achievment. Getting beyond surviving to the point of thriving is within the grasp of every survivor, male or female. We should all get to "Beyond Survivor".
After much encouragement I decided to publish my first book. The book is a mix of poetry, prose and advice, some of which has been previously published on this website. Much is new work not released before.
Without the support and encouragement of my online friends I would not be doing any of this. I dedicate this first book to you all. Thank you!
This is the first book in what will become the "Beyond Survivor" series.
I am in the middle of the next two books. One will be a self help guide for male survivors of sexual abuse and the other will be a novel based on my own life and experiences.
About Me
I am a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). I love words, written, spoken, and unspoken. For so many years my voice was not heard, I expressed myself through my writing.
As soon as I was able to read and write, I immersed myself in books. I was able to escape through the writings of others and eventually through my own attempts. Writing enabled me to express the pain, and the shame, of what I experienced. It later helped me to cleanse myself, to heal through the medium of writing.

I seem to have lived an early life surrounded by abuse of some sort. At a very early age, I was sexually abused by my grandfather. This went on for about twelve years. Others were invited to use me as they wished. There was also mental, emotional, and physical abuse from other family members. My body was almost broken, my mind fractured, but no one seemed to notice. I grew up thinking it was my fault, I deserved it.

Male survivors live within a society where a stigma surrounds the abuse of boys. It took me a long time to find my voice, to be able to share the horrors that tormented me for over three decades. I hope my words help you to understand.

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Interview by Dr Nicola Davies Health Psychology Consultancy

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Saturday, 24 January 2015


Can recall your trauma clearly,but not what you did last week !

You have PTSD

Odd isn't it or is it.? There is a clear reason why technically but let me explain it like this.

The reason is that the traumatic event has not been allowed into memory proper. It is always in front ...with the treatment technique I am showing you here, the recall will slip into memory proper and you will be free to live your life again. Of course,like all memories which are in the right place you may recall them if you wish, but no more unwanted recall!

Avoiding reminders, alcohol, tablets,counselling, power therapies do not stop the unwanted recall which is triggered by so many things: sounds, smells, images coming at you from anywhere.The Rewind Technique ,here clearly explained, will put you in control again. 

Testimonials? at I am DR.DAVID MUSS- Director PTSD Unit Birmingham UK. Originator of the Rewind for PTSD and founder of the Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy.

Contact me, if all is not crystal clear, at


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